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1 - Contract

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2 - Payment

A. Price

B. Inclusions/Exclusions

C. Deposit

D. Full Payment

E. Method of Payment

F. Surcharges

G. Refund of Unused Services

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3 - Special Requests

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4 - Amendments

A. Changes at Your Request

B. Changes Made by Isan Explorer

C. Handicraft Villages

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5 - Cancellations

A. Cancellation by You

B. Cancellation by Isan Explorer

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6 - Your Obligations

A. Obligations Before the Tour Begins

B. Obligations During the Tour

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7 - Health and Fitness

A. Participation

B. Notification of Special Needs

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8 - Liability and Insurance

A. Liability

B. Insurance

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9 - Privacy Policy

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10 - Registered Address

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Isan Explorer is a family-run  Khon Kaen, Thailand-based tour company offering tours in Northeastern Thailand, known as Isan (sometimes spelled Isaan, Issan, Isarn, Esan, E-San, Esaan, E-Saan, Esarn, and E-sarn). We offer pre-designed and custom Thailand tours for individuals and groups and cater for travelers on any budget, from luxury to backpacker. We embrace slow travel and all our tours focus on culture and/or nature.

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