Prasat Puay Noi Khmer ruins in Khon Kaen Thailand


Ban Chiang / Full-Day

See the ancient art and archeology of this UNESCO World Heritage site, including its world famous pottery. Also visit several craft villages and meet urban monkeys.

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Making pottery at Ban Chiang in Udon Thani Thailand

Cooking Class / Half-Day or Full-Day

Gather ingredients at a local market and from your teacher's garden and then head to the kitchen to cook it all up. You can choose to cook Thai or Isan food, or some of both.

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Making somtam in Thai cooking class in Khon Kaen Thailand

Dinosaur Daytrip / Full-Day

Visit an excellent dinosaur museum and also an excavation site with real dinosaur fossils still embedded in the rock. We'll also take in an amazing 360-degree mountain vista and visit some craft-making groups.

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Dinosaur statue at Phu Wiang Khon Kaen Thailand

Forest Food / Full-Day

Head out to a typical Isan village for a foraging adventure in the nearby forest. The ingredients you collect, such as insects, leaves, flowers, mushrooms, rattan, snails, and crabs, will be used to cook lunch.

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Isaan food fish laap with red ants

Handicrafts / Full-Day

Most of our tours visit handicraft villages, but this tour takes you to the most. During your day in and around Khon Kaen you'll get to see people weaving silk, making Buddha statues, pounding pots, and much more.

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Dyeing reeds to make sitting mats in Kosumphisai village in Maha Sarakham Thailand.

Khok Pia Village Visit / Full-Day

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Rice storage building in Thailand homestay village.

Khon Kaen City Tour / Full-Day

Khon Kaen city has a host of unique attractions, including the lovely must-see Wat Nong Wang and the cleverly artistic Wat Po. We'll also take you to Khon Kaen's biggest fresh market and a temple with old Isan-style paintings.

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Stupa at Wat Nong Wang Buddhist temple in Khon Kaen Thailand

King Cobras & Temples / Full-Day

Besides meeting Khon Kaen's fearless snake handlers, you'll see old Isan-style temple paintings, explore an ancient Khmer ruin, look out over Ubonrat Lake from a giant hilltop Buddha image, and visit some handicraft villages.

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Man and cobra in show at Ban Khok Sa-Nga King Cobra Village in Khon Kaen Thailand

Largest & Bizarrest / Full-Day

The highlight of this trip through Mahasarakham and Roi Et provinces is Wat Pa Non Sawan, a temple full of giant bizarre statuary. We'll also see one of the tallest Buddha statues, visit some craft villages, and meet monkeys.

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Colorful sculptures at Wat Pa Non Sawan Buddhist temple in Roi Et Thailand

Phimai & Ban Prasat / Full-Day

Visit these two interesting ancient sites in Nakhon Ratchasima province: an ancient Khmer ruin and a much older excavated burial site with bones and pottery from a lost culture displayed in situ.

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Phimai Khmer ruins in Thailand

Silk & Stone / Full-Day

Visit one of Thailand's most famous silk towns to see the entire process of making silk fabric. Then visit the largest Khmer ruin in the region and see historic temple paintings.

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Boiling cocoons to make silk thread in Chonnabot Thailand

Silk, Stone & City / Full-Day

A mix of city and country, this tour starts with the city's most interesting temples and biggest market, and then head out to a silk weaving village, Khmer ruin, and temple with historic Isan-style mural paintings.

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Woman tying mut-mee silk in Chonnabot Thailand

Stone & Silk / Full-Day

Visit the amazing Khmer ruins of Phimai and then visit a silk weaving village. This tour focuses more of the Khmer ruins and less on the silk than our similar Silk & Stone tour.

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Phimai Khmer ruins in Nakhon Ratchasima Thailand

Taste of Isan Food Tour / Full-Day

This tour is a culinary adventure through authentic Isan food and culture. Starting at a market and ending up in a village, you'll eat feasts for both lunch and dinner and learn what Isan cuisine is really all about.

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Variety of Isan foods in Khon Kaen Thailand

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